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Advance Care Planning Tools

Advance Care Planning is a process that helps you maintain your dignity and values in case you have to make difficult medical treatment decisions. It can also help you appoint a spokesperson in case you aren’t able to make decisions for yourself. Planning Health Care My Way (Planning My Way) is a thorough guide to help you on this path. Only one person is truly qualified to tell your health care providers and your loved ones how you feel about different issues and that’s YOU.

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About Planning My Way

Planning My Way (PMW) is a project of the Cunniff-Dixon Foundation in collaboration with Robert Pearlman, MD, MPH, of the University of Washington and Melissa Bottrell, MPH, PhD of Ethics Quality Consulting. The vision, research, and testing of PMW originated with Dr. Pearlman and colleagues several years ago involving Veterans and their family members; and received broad review from a diverse panel of end-of-life and ethics experts including clinicians, clergy and consumer advocates. Our partnership helped bring that work forward to a consumer-oriented print and digital workbook experience that helps individuals and families think about, learn and communicate what matters to them as they contemplate both legal and supporting future health care directives. Learn more at:

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