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Compliance & Quality

Intrepid USA is committed to following all applicable regulations, laws, policies, and practices related to patient care, billing, reimbursement, and medical record documentation. Our Company Compliance Program is designed to detect and prevent violations of these regulations and laws.

Intrepid USA maintains, through its comprehensive Compliance Program, detailed policies and procedures for preventing, detecting, and eliminating fraud, waste, and abuse. Our hospice compliance program includes the appointment of a Corporate Compliance Officer and a dedicated hotline for employees to report non-compliance. Our policies include compliance education and training, auditing and monitoring, and enforcement of healthcare compliance standards.

We employ staff with the utmost integrity to provide our services. Intrepid USA staff are subject to extensive State and Federal background and reference checks to ensure that all employees are vetted to meet specific requirements and Intrepid USA’s standards in order to deliver the quality of services we provide.

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