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CNAs Are the Compassionate Heart of At-Home Healthcare



The world of at-home healthcare would not be possible without the dedicated, empathetic professionals who keep our systems running every day. Certified Nursing Assistants (CNAs) ensure the individuals they assist receive the right personalized help for their activities of daily living. Not only do CNAs make sure they are cared for regarding bathing, grooming, eating, moving, and using the bathroom, but they also educate families how to care for their loved ones on their own.

“I go in and help prepare for the activities of daily living – hygiene, making sure they’re ready for the day, whatever that looks like,” said Celeste Wooten, a hospice lead CNA at Intrepid USA in Virginia. “Maybe that’s getting dressed and up and about, or simply sitting up in bed and receiving people that way.”

CNA Week is June 16-22. It is a fantastic opportunity to recognize these caring professionals who put so much of themselves into the work they do.

Wooten said she entered the profession on a dare from her mother.

“She said she would pay for my school if I would consider going into it, so I did,” she said. “What I like about this job is it allows me to be with families and patients at the most vulnerable and sacred time of their life and provides me with a small glimpse into their world.”

Nearly 500 miles away, longtime Intrepid USA care team member Janice Pickett said she loves being able to provide a positive experience for people experiencing personal health challenges.

“I enjoy meeting people and being able to help them,” said Pickett, a certified home health aide who has been with Intrepid USA for more than 30 years. “There’s a lot to it – you don’t just go there and give them a bath.”

Her decision to enter the profession was a personal one.

“I took care of a lot of family members, and a couple of times when we had hard people helping with my mother, it wasn’t a positive experience,” Pickett said. “I wanted to put a different spin on that and make sure people had a positive experience with others coming into their homes to help.”

Success is in the details, she said.

“I pay attention to how people like things done, and I also make sure to deliver care according to Intrepid’s high standards,” Pickett said. “I incorporate both into my work, creating a good home experience. It’s also a rewarding experience for me because I know I’m helping people that need it.”

One of the best parts of her job is that no two days are the same.

“I’ve met a lot of different people from all types of vocations, and I have friends that do all kinds of jobs, but I think I have the best one,” Pickett said.

For Wooten, her love of the job goes hand-in-hand with the principles by which she lives her life.

“This is a mentally and physically demanding job. It will break your heart into a thousand pieces some days, and other days you will be so full of joy over the smallest thing a patient may do, such as a last wish,” she said. “I have learned that every day is a gift, and what I choose to do with that gift is my gift to others – it’s what I do in my time here that will be my legacy.”

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