Meet the Leadership Team at Intrepid USA

The Executive Management Team at Intrepid USA has a vast experience in their respective fields and a clear vision of what the company wants to achieve. Each member brings unique experience and expertise that, when combined with the background of the other members, create the kind of leadership that inspires excellence throughout the organization and promotes better living for our patients and clients. Under its direction, our teams continue to drive our company forward with determination and a commitment to excellence bringing exceptional value and innovative home health care services to each location we serve.

Executive Team


Paul Foster

Chief Executive Officer

Our mission at Intrepid is to improve the quality of life for our patients.

In my year at Intrepid, I’m proud of the progress we’ve made in improving quality with half of our providers raising their Star ratings. We’ve also grown revenues and significantly improved profitability, which enables us to reinvest in serving even more patients. We will continue to strive to “Do the Right Thing” and show we can provide excellent care at an affordable price.

I hold a BA and MBA from Columbia University and worked for Westpac Bank, Booz Allen & Hamilton, and GE prior to entering the healthcare industry in 2001. I led an international healthcare staffing company, growing revenues 3x and profits 5x, and co-founded a surgical assisting company, growing it to 9 practices in 5 states. As such, I have worked with a broad range of clinicians, including RNs, MDs, PAs, etc., and am excited to be working to make Intrepid the preferred place to work in the home health industry.

Go Team Intrepid!

John Nix

Chief Financial Officer

Healthcare at home has been and continues to be in a rapidly changing financial environment.  We strive for improvement in clinical outcomes while reimbursement rates are reduced annually.

In order to provide our patients with the best care, our organization has to constantly be addressing the wisest ways to manage our finances.  Since 2011, it has been my privilege to be a part of the Executive Management Team at Intrepid as we seek to combine successful patient outcomes with prudent financial management.

I am thankful that I have been given the opportunity to use my experience in finance management and the healthcare industry to help grow Intrepid into a thriving healthcare provider.  My team, that includes Accounting, Payroll and Revenue Collections dedicates each day to providing the best service to our internal customers, so that the front line clinicians and operators can place their focus on excellent patient care.


Patriarch Partners

Lynn Tilton is the Founder and CEO of Patriarch Partners LLC, a holding company with investments in more than 75 companies across 14 industry sectors. Ms. Tilton is passionate about saving American jobs by saving American companies. Since 2000, through affiliated investment funds, Tilton has had ownership in and restructured more than 200 companies with combined revenues in excess of $100 billion, representing more than 675,000 jobs.